Our History

The man behind the company

Ioannis Maniatopoulos was born on 22/05/1927 in Corfu but hailed originally from the town of Tripoli in the Peloponnese. His inclination towards commerce and entrepreneurship in general was evident from an early age as in his youth, he became involved in the family soap-making business, which he developed and made the largest artisanal business on the island of Corfu in the field of soap production.

He always had a restless spirit, focusing his attention on the business opportunities that each era offered. In the 1950s, there was a high demand for Corfiot olive oil and its sale generated significant profits to both producers and middlemen.

Maniatopoulos capitalized on this fact by expanding the activity of the family business into the olive oil trade, while also not leaving unused the need of the era of ice production, the use of which was the only means of cooling and preserving products for Corfu.

Always a visionary, he foresaw in time that the future of Corfu was tourism. Thus, in the 1960s, before the exploitation of Corfu as a tourist destination even began, he took his first steps in this field by founding, together with two of his associates, a company that constructed and operated one of the first hotels on the island. Over the years, when in the 1970s Corfu was already a popular tourist destination, Ioannis Maniatopoulos predicted that the construction and operation of a hotel on the outskirts of the city of Corfu would be a profitable investment.

An interesting choice was the bay of Dassia, an area of natural beauty, just 10 kilometers away from the city. The first hotel of the company, Elea Beach, was built and opened its doors in 1979, attracting thousands of tourists right from the beginning. After the success and achievement of Elea Beach’s goals, being resourceful and visionary, he built, through his company a second hotel in Dassia, Livadi Nafsika, which opened in 1992. Under his daily and diligent supervision, the company operated the above hotels with complete success. In 2007, the company acquired the management of Louvre Hotel, which is based in the lively village of Gouvia.

Ioannis Maniatopoulos was a self-made man, an excellent negotiator with outstanding communication skills and a pioneer in the field of tourism. He continues to be loved and respected by the Corfiot society, particularly for his authenticity, genuine kindness and outgoing spirit. He passed away in 2022 at the age of 95 but he has left behind a significant legacy to his family’s successors, providing them with his enduring contribution and strong foundations so that his company will continue to thrive, expand and grow for the years that are yet to come.


Our mission at I. Maniatopoulos S.A. hotel group is to provide exceptional hospitality experiences that embody the spirit of Greek philoxenia.

We are committed to delivering personalized service that caters to all our guests’ needs and wants, creating a warm and welcoming environment that reflects our culture and heritage.

We endeavor to exceed our guests’ expectations by maintaining high standards of quality and comfort in all our properties, while upholding integrity, transparency, and sustainability in our operations.

We strive to foster long-term relationships with our guests, partners and employees, characterized by ethical professionalism and respect.



At I. Maniatopoulos S.A. hospitality group, our vision is to be one of the local, leading providers of exceptional hospitality experiences in Corfu and beyond, rooted in the unique culture and heritage of the island.

We are proud to be a local company that celebrates the rich history, traditions and natural beauty of our island. We aspire to be the preferred choice for travelers seeking an authentic and immersive experience of Corfu and we are committed to creating a culture of excellence that fosters innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement in all our operations.

We aim to expand our portfolio of properties and create a lasting impact on the communities we serve by promoting responsible tourism and supporting local initiatives.

Ultimately, our vision is to continue to evolve, improve and create unforgettable experiences that inspire our guests to return and recommend us to others, while contributing to the prosperity of our local community.

Core Values

Maniatopoulos Hospitality Group is committed to fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and sustainability. At the heart of the Group, success lies at its core values, which guide every decision and action taken by the company. These values are:

  • Service excellence: Providing exceptional service and ensuring our guests’ satisfaction is our top priority.

  • Sustainability: Operating in an environmentally responsible manner and contributing positively to the local community.

  • Safety and security: Ensuring the safety and security of guests and employees through proper procedures and protocols.

  • Integrity: operating with honesty, transparency and ethical behavior towards our guests and our employees.

  • Teamwork: working collaboratively to achieve common goals and supporting one another.

  • Respect: treating all guests, employees and partners with respect and dignity.

  • Innovation: being creative and constantly improving products, services and processes.

  • Equality: ensuring that everyone is granted the same rights, opportunities, and respect regardless of their background, characteristics or differences.

By upholding these values, Maniatopoulos Hospitality Group has established itself as a trusted partner in the hospitality industry and a company that is dedicated to delivering unparalleled experiences to its guests.

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